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Tips for Students

Hello, students!

Welcome to WatchKnowLearn! Helping you is what we are here for. You are the most important people on this website.

How can you use WatchKnowLearn? Here are some ideas:
  • For help with homework, check out the Directory. Also, you can find both categories and single videos using search.

  • If a whole subject confuses you, or if you just want to do better, try looking at a basic video about it. You’d be surprised at how things can “come together” when someone new reviews the basics with you.

  • The best video should be at the top of each category, but if that doesn’t work, try another one. Everyone learns differently.

  • If you are under 13, and you want an account of your own, you must have your parent create it for you. But you don’t have to have an account to use the site. If you do get an account, check out “My Profile.” You can view videos you have added as a “favorite,” go over your viewing history, and more. All of this is private unless you want to make it public.

  • Please vote on videos. This site is for you, the students, so your opinion really matters!

  • If you find a good educational video online and it’s not on WatchKnowLearn yet, why not add it? That will help, and our handy bookmarklet makes it easy.

Happy learning!